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Benefits of Having a LED Spotlight Bar

Benefits of Having a LED Spotlight Bar

If you are reading this article, then you are most likely interested in an LED spotlight bar. And while you may know some basic information on spotlight bars, what do you really know about them? Specifically, are you familiar with all of the benefits they offer? You’re about to be!

This blog post will educate you on everything about LED spotlight bars, as well as car LED spotlight bars. There are many benefits to switching to LED lights, but before you can fully experience these benefits, you need to learn about their history.

About LED Spotlight Bars

LED, or light-emitting diodes, have been growing in popularity for years and years now, mainly due to the fact of their efficiency, as well as a long list of other advantages connected to using these specific types of lights. Yet, will get into those particular advantages a little later. First, about LEDs.

An LED is a semiconductor diode that, when electricity is applied to it, propels light forward in a form of electroluminescence. LED are used just about everywhere, and can often be found in automobiles, offices, and a vast majority of electronics. Today, though, we’ll be detailing LED lights for vehicles.

Interestingly enough, LEDs generally operate at 80 percent efficiency, while regular or incandescent bulbs operate at about 20 percent efficiency. Further, LEDs have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours, while halogen bulbs have an average lifespan of 5,000 hours.

LED Spotlight Bars: Learning Your Options

You can fully understand that not every individual is searching for the exact same features when it comes to LED spotlight bars. Therefore, it will be important to do your homework. Mainly, you will need to consider what you want the lights for and then go from there. You will have many different options to choose from.

Below, we’ve listed many common features often associated with choosing the right LED lights. And though this guide is meant to help you with the process, it will still be best to read reviews and view the lights in person, so you can personally see the features up close.

Specifically, many features you will need to think about before you purchase a light include:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Safety
  • Beam Pattern
  • Manufacturer


The size of the LED light bar you choose for your vehicle will ultimately depend on the vehicle itself. Mainly, how big is your automobile? Do you drive a car? Or do you drive a large truck? You will want a bar that is proportionate and appropriate for your particular automobile, especially if aesthetics is a factor important to you, which it is for many people.

It may seem like common sense, but many people are unaware that the larger the light bar is, then the more bulbs it will have. Therefore, larger bars produce more light. Bars range in size from 4 inches to 50 inches. Larger bars will also cost you more money. Therefore, you should have some sort of budget in mind before you start LED light shopping.


When it comes to picking the shape of an LED light bar for your automobile, there are really only two choices: a curved LED light bar or a straight LED light bar. As both lights are similar with their functions, this choice will come down to personal preference more than vehicle and/or budget. Specifically, which light looks better to you? Again, this is why it’s best to actually see the light in person or at the store. Don’t just order the light online, because once it comes, you may not like it.


LED lights come in different colors, and some colors may offer an advantage over others. For example, a white light will provide the brightest color and is most popular for all driving situations. Though, an amber light is best for fog and low visibility conditions. Other colors such as blue, red, and green are known as “attention-getters” and are often used by medical or emergency vehicles. These latter colors are not often used for everyday vehicles, so keep that in mind when making your purchase. Also, take your location into consideration. Which lights will work best for the road conditions in which you live?

It should also be noted that the color of the LED lights you choose will also affect the price. Therefore, think about your budget before making a purchase.


Perhaps the most important feature to think about, yet one that is commonly overlooked. Whatever LED light you choose for your vehicle, you need to ensure you’re staying safe on the road. You also need to think about other drivers on the road, too. Simply put, when choosing an LED light bar, remember to be smart, safe, and legal in your purchase.

There are different laws in place regarding the use of LED lights, laws that alter depending on the state you live in. Before you incorporate an LED light bar into your daily routine, become familiar with these laws. One way to learn these laws is to visit your Department of Motor Vehicles to understand what you can and cannot do with an LED light. These laws may surprise you, as well as educate you.

Finally, you should know that when on the road, an LED light can affect the vision of other drivers, so be cautious and courteous. Remember to share the road.

Beam Pattern

What do you know about beam patterns? Depending on your interest in LED lights, it may not be overly much. There are three different types of beam patterns to choose from:

  • Spot
  • Flood
  • Combination

A spot beam pattern is much narrower, meaning that its light beam can reach a longer distance. This is a great option for on-road driving. Flood beams offer a wider light, making it the ideal beam choice for off-road driving. If your budget allows it and you plan to use your LED light bar for multiple purposes, then consider a combination beam pattern. A combination beam pattern is equipped with both flood and spot LEDs. This latter option is the most ideal because it does both, but will be a little bit more expensive to purchase.


As with any type of product, when it comes to making a choice, you will have a variety of manufacturers to pick from. It would be best to read customer reviews and do some research. It goes without saying that some manufacturers will be better than others. Make a list of the features that are the most important to you, and then discover which manufacturer is known for producing the said feature.

In fact, that is something that should be done regardless: Make a list of the features that are most important to you. Depending on how much money you are willing to spend on a light, you may not be able to find a light with everything. The list will come in handy, as it will show you which features you can and can’t live without.

Benefits of Having an LED Spotlight Bar

Now, the moment you have probably been waiting for: Learning all of the benefits of having an LED spotlight bar for your vehicle.

First and foremost, we must talk about energy. After all, energy is often the number one reason as to why individuals choose to switch from traditional lights to LED lights.

LED lights use about 50 percent less electricity than traditional lighting options, resulting in substantial energy cost savings. LEDs also aim light in a specific direction unlike conventional bulbs, which emit both light and heat in all directions. This directional lighting capability reduces wasted light and energy. Who doesn’t want to stop wasting light and energy?

LEDs don’t burn out or quit working like traditional lights. Over time (long periods of time), they simply dim out. Particularly, quality LEDs have an expected lifespan of 30,000–50,000 hours or even longer, depending on the quality of the lamp or fixture. LEDs can reduce labor costs of replacing bulbs in commercial, as well just saving time and energy.

LEDs are resistant to breaking and largely immune to vibrations and other impacts. Traditional lighting is usually contained in a glass or quartz exterior, which can be susceptible to damage. Yet, LEDs tend not to use any glass, and instead, are mounted on a circuit board and connected with soldered leads that can be vulnerable to direct impact.

Most fluorescent lamps do not provide full brightness the moment they’re switched on, with many requiring three minutes or more to reach maximum light output. LEDs come on at 100-percent brightness almost instantly.

LED lights are environmentally friendly and free of hazardous chemicals, while fluorescent lamps have traces of mercury. A huge bonus with LED lamps is that 95% of them can be recycled. In addition, depending on your location, some areas offer recycling programs that LED lamps can go to.

LED light bars are convenient to use due to their flexibility. These lighting solutions can achieve long distance or on spotlighting with relative ease. This is because the LED lights accommodate both spot and flood lighting characteristics which are achieved at the touch a button. Better yet, because of their durability, LED lights to guarantee an improved level of safety on the road.

Installation – When it comes to installing your LED spotlights, the process is rather quick and painless. Of course, this is even further true if you know your way around an automobile and are good with tools. There are so many helpful guides online that can help with the process. You may even be able to find a video on YouTube that actually shows the complete procedure being done.

Yet, if you’re not good with cars and you don’t feel comfortable doing the work yourself, you should have no trouble whatsoever finding someone locally to help you with the task. Though you may want to check around to guarantee you’re getting the best deal, it is commonly easy to find a professional auto shop that will do the work for a fair, reasonably priced.

We’ve discussed color a little bit, but color can also be seen as an advantage to switching to LED lights.

LED spotlights used in automobiles are offered in a wide range of light color options, where you can even customize to the lights. This ensures that the user can illuminate more ground more conveniently if that is their ultimate goal. Further, the choice of the LED lights commonly used in the interior part of the wheels adds some level of visibility of the vehicle to other drivers on the road, as well as regulates the interior lighting of the vehicle to achieve high levels of visibility. This simply means that you and other drivers on the road could be safer.

Are there downsides to switching to LED lights? Honestly, yes, as with most things in life, there are both pros and cons to installing LED light bars in or on your car. However, it’s important to understand that the pros associated with LED light bars more than outweigh the cons. Sure, these lights may be more expensive, but they last longer. As previously mentioned, they are also more efficient and safer all around.

Make the Switch to LED Lights

If you are thinking about making the switch to LED lights, you are not alone. Many individuals have already added LED light bars to their vehicles, while many more contemplate the decision every single day. Just remember to save some time and money by doing your research before you make a purchase. Lastly, enjoy the process of shopping around and finding the best product for you. You can get a light with the features you want, so don’t settle for less.

Also, it is important to remember that this is your car, your wants, and needs. Don’t choose something just because a friend has it—view the light in person, understand it’s features and capabilities, make sure it’s compatible with your car, and go from there.


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