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LED lights for law enforcement

Top New Law Enforcement Vehicle Lighting Trends

As a police officer sworn to uphold the law, it’s important that you and your equipment are ready to go instantly, whenever that call comes in. Here at LED Equipped, we take pride in knowing that we assist countless departments and groups of first responders and police all across the United States of America. Our equipment is easy to install and is designed and created so instant light is at your fingertips. We are dedicated to keeping you, your partner, department, citizens and others in your community safe from passing traffic. To be sure you and your needs are being met, it is important that you are aware of all your choices and that you know what you are looking for in your LED light bar system. Read on for more information about the newest features of the LED light bars and which LED lighting system options are being used today in U.S. law enforcement.

The Challenge of Selecting the Best LED Lights for Law Enforcement

Firstly, it is important to note that not all law enforcement vehicle lighting is created equally. LED light bars are, in many ways, truly superior to other lighting types on the market in almost every conceivable way. From design and specs to unit lifespan and unique features, the LED light bar is designed to be user friendly while also being an amazing product for the price. Though LED light bars may cost a little bit more than other lamps, this is because these products are an investment into your cruiser or vehicle. Other lamps that you can purchase, like lamps made with xenon or halogen, are much more fragile than the LED lamps and they have a much shorter lifespan. Those other lamps generally last about a thousand to five thousand hours at most, whereas LED light bars can last for as much as 30,000 hours, about six times longer than competitors. These LED light bars are also designed much more durably than other lamps. LED light bars use what’s known as “solid state” technology, meaning that there is not a single moving piece of machinery or hardware within the housing of the unit itself. It is because of this design that the LED light bars are temperature-, water-, drop- and dust-resistant, making these lights ideal perfect for freezing temperatures and even maritime settings, as well as for usage on cruisers and vehicles intended for rougher rides and off-road usage. In addition, they are also ideal for pretty much any application involving industrial or shipping settings.

Multiple Options Are On-Trend for Law Enforcement Vehicle Lights

Because of their versatility, it is important for you to understand what different types of LED lights can do. To do that, one must understand the features that are available for purchase. LED light bars are so user friendly that, unlike other bulbs and lamps on the market today, you have bright clear usable light that will grab the attention of any other motorist around you, alerting them to the fact that you are on assignment and they should yield so you can do your job. Other lamps take time to warm up before producing usable light. With LED light bars, you simply plug the system in or flip a switch and you have instant light available to you. LED lamps produce bright, clear light from each bulb. It is possible to change the amount of light given off by each unit by changing the quantity of bulbs in the unit itself. This is achieved by either adding a row of bulbs to your LED light bar or by making the bar itself longer. It is important to note that each bar can only have a max of two rows of bulbs and that each bar can vary in length from four to fifty inches. The longer the bar and the more rows of bulbs, the brighter and greater the light produced. One of the more important decisions you will have to make about your LED light bar system is what kind of beam pattern you would like your LED light bar to give off. There are four types you would need to choose from that are the most favored among LED light bar users: flood, spot, multi or combination beam patterns. Each beam pattern is useful in their own way for several varying purposes. Flood Beam LED Lights The first of the two more basic beam patterns is the Flood Beam. The flood beam pattern produces an even wash of light that “floods” the immediate area surrounding the actual LED light bar unit. This is good for when one is needing light and work in the immediate area surrounding the cruiser or police vehicle. Spot Beam LED Lights The next basic type is the Spot Beam pattern. The spot LED light beam pattern is good for traveling as it casts light further away from the cruiser than the flood beam pattern. This is good for lighting while on the move or if you need to light a specific spot a fairly significant distance from the police vehicle. Combination Beam Pattern Options The other two types of beam patterns, either combination beam or multi-beam patterns, both utilize both the spot and flood beam patterns. There is, however, one key difference: the combination beam pattern uses both the flood and spot beam patterns at the same time. Whereas the multi-beam pattern allows you to toggle between the two beam types at your convenience to better serve your community and meet the needs of you and your fellow officers. All LED light bars, regardless of beam pattern and other features, draw less power than other lamps available today. Because of this, it has less of an impact on your vehicle’s electrical system and it also gives the LED light bar a longer lifespan than others.

The Most Popular Types of LED Lights for Police Vehicles

When considering what you are looking for in an LED light bar system, it is important to know what desired effect you are wanting on each cruiser. On a marked police vehicle, you would probably like having the LED light bar either on the roof of the cruiser or on the grill or bumper. This is because it doesn’t matter if someone notices that that specific vehicle is an official police vehicle. Let’s say, however, that you are wanting to outfit several undercover police cruisers. There are many options available to meet your needs. We have mini-LED light bars and light bars that can be installed directly into the actual hardware of the vehicle’s grille, making the LED light bars appear as if they are just a part of the hardware and machinery in the engine or under the hood. It is even possible to have LED light bars installed directly into the running boards of the vehicle. To have running board LEDs installed, your vehicle would, of course, need to have running boards. This keeps the LED light bars invisible to the casual observer and thus keeps your undercover cruiser incognito.

Trends in Police LED Lighting Installation Methods

Finally, it is important that anyone who will be installing LED light bars to have the right tools, hardware and equipment to not only attach the LED light bars to the cruiser but to also connect it to the vehicle’s electrical system. Proper installation helps extend the life of your lighting and helps keep the entire LED light bar system running properly. Here at LED Equipped, we take pride in meeting our customers’ needs as efficiently as possible. To do this, we give you complete autonomy in choosing your equipment and mounting options. By giving the customer agency and space to create their own LED lighting system, we are best able to meet the needs of our law enforcement customers all across the spectrum of experience. We can assist our customers in designing and creating a wholly unique LED lighting system. You can choose from our existing packages or you can create your own custom LED lighting system from the ground up. If you don’t see a specific product for sale or available through LED Equipped, never fear. Our experienced team of experts is fully prepared to help you find something that works for your needs. We have the capacity fabricate parts and equipment for you. Simply contact us to get started on the custom fabrication and creation of your LED lighting system. Even if you have very little experience with lighting for police vehicles, we are here to provide the guidance and answers you need. We know that not everyone is comfortable working under the hood of a vehicle or working with vehicle electrical systems. We have made it a point to crate kits that include everything you would need to install an LED light bar system on a vehicle. From the LED light bar itself to the wiring to the mounting system, everything you need is available all in one pack. Our goal is to make your installation as easy as possible. Contact LED Equipped today for any assistance you might need in selecting or creating your very own LED lighting bar system, for a single vehicle to an entire fleet of cruisers, official or undercover. Reach out to us today or check out our website to view our full line of the latest LED lighting options for law enforcement.
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