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LED tow truck light bars

Tow Truck Light Bars to Improve Safety

The right tow truck light bar can provide you with the visibility you need to stay safe on the road, whenever you head out to pick up a stranded motorist or disabled vehicle.

As a tow truck driver, you are no doubt used to working in all kinds of perilous traffic situations. Retrieving cars from places such as the middle of a busy street or the side of a multi-lane highway is all in a day’s work for you. And, in most cases, you never know what type of circumstances await until you arrive at the designated pickup location.

Equip your truck with a high-quality light bar, and you will boost your on-the-job safety both at night and during the day. Powerful, bright onboard lighting alerts other drivers of your presence, encouraging them to steer clear of the area where you are working. And, depending on the light bar you select, it can also help illuminate the area where you need to work.

So, which tow truck light bar is your best option for your needs? For optimal visibility and safety, most industry experts recommend LED lighting. To learn more about the benefits of LED light bars – and for tips on how to choose the right lighting for your truck – read on.

LED Light Bars are Ideal for Tow Trucks

For tow truck drivers, proper illumination is critical. Without adequate light, working alongside moving traffic and hauling vehicles out of ditches is potentially hazardous to the driver’s well-being as well as for other motorists on the roadway.

If you need a tow truck light bar, going with LEDs is a wise decision for several reasons:


LED lights provide clear, easy visibility in all conditions. Your truck needs bright lighting to signal other drivers to approach with caution and to allow you to do your work – and LEDs outshine the alternatives.


Compared to other options, LED lights are more rugged and resistant to damage. LEDS have few internal parts, and when paired with high-quality housing — like the options here at LED Equipped – they can withstand cold temperatures and minor impacts.


When you are called out to retrieve a vehicle, you need instant lighting. Equip your tow truck with an LED light bar, and you will have it – LEDs turn on and off immediately, with no warm-up period.


LEDs have an average lifespan that is roughly five to ten times that of other lighting options. Purchase LED lights for your tow truck, and they will continue to function effectively for years to come.

How to Choose Tow Truck Light Bars

A wide range of LED tow truck light bars are available, and figuring out which is the right one to meet your needs requires careful consideration. As you browse, factor the following into your decision:


The bigger your light bar, the more illumination you will have. But, buying the largest model may not be a good idea, as you need lighting that is sized to fit your tow truck.

To make sure the model you choose is an appropriate size, measure the top of your truck. Light bars range from four to 50 inches in length, and taking a measurement is the only way to determine which sizes can work for you.


For your tow truck light bar to work, you will need to wire it to your vehicle – which can seem like a difficult task.

Fortunately, you can ensure that the wiring process goes smoothly by simply choosing the right connectors. LED lights have either ATP or CT plug wiring. Look for the connector type that matches your wires, and you can easily get your lights up and running.


Where you plan to place your tow truck light bar can make a difference in the type of mount you will need.

The top of your vehicle is the obvious choice for placement, but some tow truck drivers mount lights on the bumper or above the windshield in addition to or instead of on the rooftop. To determine the best spot for your onboard lighting and choose the right mounting option, consider the configuration of your truck.


LED lights bars can have either one or two rows of bulbs, and both options can work well for tow truck drivers.

Double-row bar lights produce more light than single-row lights, of course, so they tend to be a more popular choice. However, if the truck you drive is on the small side, single-row models can be better, as they may look more proportionate.


Tow truck light bars come with one of three beam patterns, and you will need to decide which suits your needs and preferences.

Many drivers opt for a spot beam pattern, which reaches long distances and is better for on-road travel than a flood beam. However, you may want to go with the third choice – a combination beam pattern bar light – as it is equipped with both floodlight and spotlight bulbs and offers both long-range visibility and ample brightness to work in any conditions.


LED lights feature different colors, and certain options are preferred among tow truck drivers.

White lights are the most common choice, as they provide the brightest light and are suited for most driving conditions. But, if you often deal with fog and low visibility, amber can be a better color. And, you could also purchase color-changing LEDs and have the ability to use red, blue or green lights for increased attention.


The shape of your light bar might not be crucial to operation and performance, but you do need to decide which option you want.

Curved and straight models are available, and neither shape is necessarily better than the other. To make a choice, consider your aesthetic preferences. Whichever shape you think will look best atop your tow truck is the one you should purchase.


Budget is an important factor, and no one wants to spend more than they need to for a light bar.

That being said, LED lights last for a very long time. So, paying for the features you need and want can make perfect sense, as you will be using the onboard lighting you purchase for several years. Get the model that is right for you, and you will be making a smart investment.

Playing it Safe with LED Light Bars

Did you know that every state has laws regarding vehicle light bars?

Before you make a purchase, you will need to find out which types of onboard lights are legal in your area. To do so, contact your state officials or stop by your local department of motor vehicles.

The laws vary from state to state, so we cannot list the rules you need to follow when choosing an LED light bar for your tow truck. And we do not recommend making a guess, as that could see you getting pulled over on your way to pick up a vehicle – and that is one headache you certainly do not need.

Finding the Right Tow Truck Light Bar to Improve Your Safety

With everything you need to consider, deciding on the best onboard lighting solution for your tow truck may not be easy.

To start, think about which features can make your work safer. Larger LED light bars and double-row models provide optimal illumination, and going with a spot beam or combination beam pattern can help ensure your safety on the job. Color may also be a factor, as amber or color-changing LED bulbs are better in certain situations.

After deciding on your must-have features, narrow down your options according to your preferences and budget. And if you need assistance, contact the professional team at LED Equipped.

We frequently supply truck drivers with onboard lighting solutions, and our team can help you select an LED light bar that meets your needs. And when you shop with LED Equipped, you can count on getting high-quality products – all of which are backed by a 3-year warranty.

Browse our catalog today, and give us a call if you have questions or need advice. At LED Equipped, our goal is to provide you with superior customer service – and our knowledgeable associates are happy to guide you on your quest to find the ideal tow truck light bar.

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