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Vehicles That Utilize Emergency Lighting

Vehicles That Utilize Emergency Lighting

Emergency vehicles of all types carry out vital tasks that often save lives, and they require emergency vehicle lights that loudly and properly make their presence known. The ability to alert other traffic to their presence and have it move safely and quickly can often make the difference during an emergency.

At LedEquipped, our emergency vehicle light stock includes options for every type of emergency responder out there. Here are some of the most common clients we serve, and the products they use most often.

Police Vehicles

Police officers have a huge range of tasks, and down similar lines, they use a wide range of police lights. They may be controlling traffic, doing a routine patrol, making an area safe, or even engaging in a pursuit of a suspect. They may use all of the following items:

  • LED light bars
  • Hideaway LED strobe lights
  • Dash lights
  • Customizable options

These products come in a huge range of sizes and shapes, and help law officers around the country increase safety and awareness while doing their job. They can also be found in more subtle iterations for unmarked or undercover officers.

Fire Trucks

Firefighters also use a couple different lights, including LED bars and both grille and surface lights. They also use visor lights in many cases, which can help as a light source for injured people.

Construction Vehicles

When construction trucks and other vehicles are on highways and in other public spaces, it’s vital that they be visible to all passing motorists. They’ll often use LED light bars for trucks, plus visor lights and deck lights to help make these vehicles visible.

Tow Trucks

Down similar lines, tow trucks are almost always in public areas where their presence needs to be seen. They usually use full-size LED light bars, potentially along with dash and deck lighting and mount lights. Mount lights, in particular, are meant to withstand the elements and are perfect for all-weather towing needs.

For more on the kinds of responders who use our emergency vehicle lights, or to learn more about any of our products, speak to the pros at LedEquipped today.

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