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why Marines utilize LED

Why Even US Marines Utilize LED Lights

When it comes to the quality and reliability of certain products we often see in our daily lives, you can’t do a whole lot better than the US military. The military naturally only uses the very best and most reliable products for all its needs, and one great example area here is within the realm of lights – where the Marines and other branches of the armed forces are moving more and more toward exclusive usage of LED lights for their needs.

At LED Equipped, while we don’t directly supply military lights or products, our emergency vehicle LED light bars, beacon lights, dash lights and other products are made from the same high-level technology that Marines and other branches use. In recent years, several branches of the armed forces have moved some or even all of their light technology needs to LEDs – and there are several major reasons for this. Let’s go over some of these, which will help highlight the incredible quality of LED lights and why emergency personnel and related entities should be considering them as their first option for light needs.

Prior Lighting Formats

Using the Marines as our example for simplicity’s sake, the prior lighting system used for various light-related needs was a tubular one. In the case of marines who had to wear lighting systems into various combat or other situations, these setups could weigh up to 45 pounds – a massive weight to carry around for any extended period of time.

There were also issues with battery life and reliability with these older systems. Marines would often have to carry extra batteries or chargers with them just in case, which only added to the weight they already had to deal with.

And furthermore, the lights themselves sometimes had reliability issues. They could easily break or malfunction, not to mention the constant need for maintenance and repairs. All these factors combined led to a less than ideal situation for those who needed dependable lighting on a regular basis.

LED Technology Advancements

Now, however, with LED lights quickly moving into the forefront of lighting technology across multiple industries and applications, the military has taken notice. The Marines and others have largely shifted to LED technology, which provides a much lighter weight setup with far superior battery life and overall reliability.

Our next few sections will go over some of the specific reasons why this is the case, doubling as a great primer on why LEDs are so effective.

Far Lighter

Flat-panel and similar LED formats, for starters, are far lighter than older lighting technologies. They can be mounted in a variety of ways, including on helmets or vehicles, without adding significant weight to the person carrying them.

For military operations, this is obviously a huge plus. Any reduction in weight can lead to improved safety and efficiency for these personnel, who often have to carry heavy gear already.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to being lighter and easier to manage overall, the battery life on LEDs is simply much better than other formats. They use far less power on average, meaning fewer batteries or charges needed to sustain the same level of light.

This is a major reason why military personnel have shifted so strongly toward LED technology. They no longer need multiple backup batteries or constant charging – they can rely on their LED lights for extended periods without worry.


Not only do LEDs save weight and power, they also require far less maintenance than other lighting types. They’re built to last, and can withstand harsh weather and environments that other lights might struggle with.

This is another major factor for military use – personnel need lights they can depend on in even the harshest of conditions, and LEDs provide this reliability while also being energy efficient and lightweight.

Built to Endure Tough Conditions

Manufacturers of LED lights understand that these types of lights are likely to be used in extreme conditions, and they’ve taken this into account with their designs. These lights can withstand shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and even water immersion without losing functionality.

This is another major reason why the military has shifted to LEDs – they’re designed for rugged use. Emergency personnel or other industries looking for reliable lighting options can also benefit greatly from these same features.

Various Waterproof and Other Casings Available

LED lights sit within what’s known as a casing, which is the outer shell or container for the light. For military personnel, this can be a huge plus – there are various waterproof and even shatterproof casings available for LED lights.

This means that if the case gets broken, the light itself won’t be damaged. This kind of durability is hard to beat when it comes to lighting options.

Innovative Features

Finally, LED lights also come with a range of innovative features that make them even more appealing for military and emergency personnel. From strobe patterns to adjustable intensity levels, these lights can be customized to fit any particular situation or need.

This makes them incredibly versatile for multiple uses in the field, and a smart choice for those looking to upgrade their lighting options. Overall, it’s easy to see why the military has shifted to LED technology – and why others should follow suit. With incredible durability, reliability, energy efficiency and customization options, LEDs are truly the top choice for any lighting needs.

While we don’t supply directly to the military, our products at LED Equipped offer these same high-level features that make them a great option for emergency personnel, first responders, and anyone looking for reliable lighting solutions. Consider making the switch to LED today and enjoy all the benefits these advanced lights have to offer.

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