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Utility truck LED lights

LED Lights for Emergency Utility Service Vehicles

The importance of reliable and effective emergency utility vehicle lighting cannot be overstated. Consider this potential scenario:

Imagine you receive a service call at 1:30 in the morning while you are asleep at home in Upstate New York. As has been occurring recently in that area of the country, there has been a severe storm in your area. Several neighborhoods or even whole sections of town are without power. In the freezing cold of Upstate New York in wintertime, restoring heating or electricity is vital to ensuring residents’ safety.

You quickly dress and run outside, start your vehicle and head to meet your fellow technicians and service workers, either at your office/dispatch or even possibly head straight to the worksite. Regardless of where you are headed and how you are going to get there, it is important that you have the correct equipment to complete repairs and to keep you and your fellow service workers safe, not just from the cold but from others traveling on the roads where you may be dangling above working on powerlines or performing other related services.

When your job is that vital to public health and safety and that dangerous, you do not have time to be worrying about if your equipment is safe and ready to use.

Here at LED Equipped, we carry a variety of LED Light Bars and accessories to meet any need of any emergency service worker or technician. Working with countless companies and agencies who utilize LED light bars across the country, we can answer all questions you may have about emergency service vehicle lighting and how they can help improve your safety and working experience. Continue reading for a bit more information about our products and why they are so impressive and useful for Utility workers around the country.

Choosing Emergency Service Vehicle Lighting

When selecting equipment for your service truck – or fleet — it is crucial that you understand what exactly you need in a lighting system. The best way to do that is to understand the products themselves. Our LED Light Bars have all the key features that are useful for many different purposes and for many different jobs.

Our LED Light bars vary in length from four inches to as large as fifty inches. And, with either a single or double row of LED light bulbs in your LED light bar, you can get as much light as you need to complete any job.

Continuing along with the features, there are several functional features that would be important to consider when selecting an LED light bar. When it comes to the shape of the bar, that doesn’t really impact the actual usage or light production of the LED Light Bar. However, the beam pattern of the bar is important to consider.

If you take a look at our LED Light Bars on sale, you’ll note they have several different light patterns to choose from and, before selecting your LED Light Bar, it is important to know all about the patterns available to you. LED Light Bars come in various main style patterns which include flood or spot beams, multi-beam pattern and, finally, combination patterns. Each have their advantages and disadvantages, and determining which is best for you is entirely dependent on each individual patterns’ purpose and features and your particular needs for your work.

LED Lights with Flood Beam Patterns

The flood beam pattern is so named because of the kind of slightly softer, diffuse light that is given off in the immediate area of the light. The flood beam pattern is perfect for when you are having to complete work that is quite close to your vehicle. Conversely, the spot beam pattern is good for lighting a specific spot a slightly further distance away from the light source than the flood and it lights a specific spot instead of the general area. The spot beam pattern is better suited for work not immediately by the truck and is also better for road travel than the other types.

LED Lights with Multi-Beam & Combination Patterns

The final two types of beam patterns, multi-beam or combination patterns, both utilize both the spot and flood beam patterns, but in different manners to achieve different effects and meet different needs.

The multi-beam pattern utilizes both beam patterns, flood and spot. However, this unit allows you the control to oscillate between the two settings as needed, meaning, when you first arrive to the scene and you are wanting to just grab equipment off the truck, the flood beam pattern would be perfect for giving you enough light to grab your tools. And when it is time for you to begin working on the actual project simply flip a switch and you immediately have the spot light beam pattern to light those power lines or the gas or electric meter with bright clear light ready to use instantly.

Why LED Lights Are Ideal for Emergency Utility & Service Vehicles

Incidentally, with other work light bulbs, you generally must wait several minutes for your work lights to warm up. With LED Light Bars from us here at LED Equipped, instant bright light is available at your fingertips. No longer will you have to wait for the unit to warm up for you to work with your light.

With these LED Light bars, there are so many features and options it is normal to feel a little overwhelmed. Contact us today and we can assist you in any way we can. Even if you don’t see a product or a feature you are looking for, reach out to us. We can assist you with your selections or even just talk you through features and different kinds of LED Light bars and systems available to you. Here at LED Equipped, we pride ourselves in being able to meet our customers needs so if you see something that you are wanting specifically and we don’t have it, we can manufacture it.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, contact us directly today. We can either get it for you or fabricate it from scratch right at our facility. Contact us today for any questions about lighting, wiring, mounting or whatever you may need to know.

Wiring & Mounting Service Vehicle LED Lights

Speaking of wiring and mounting, we here at LED Equipped are also passionate about meeting our customer’s needs regardless of their level of understanding about LED light bars. For the veteran of LED light bars and post-stock vehicle modifications, we have countless products available to choose from. That means, if a customer wants to completely select their entire LED lighting bar system piece by piece by piece, hardware and accessory by hardware and accessory, they can do that. You could choose completely unique and combined from several different manufactures if you like.

However, if you do not have any prior experience with this subject matter or you just want as streamlined and simple an experience and system as possible, we can help with that as well.

At LED Equipped, we have taken the liberty of setting up and purchasing entire kits that come with every single piece of equipment, hardware and wiring you might need to install and mount the LED light bar kit to your vehicle. This way, regardless of if you know exactly what you are doing or if this is your first time ever even attempting to work on your vehicle, you can get the supplies and information you need.

Remember to Check Legal Requirements for LED Lighting in Your Area

Finally, it is important as you consider what LED light bar and features you would like for your LED lighting system, you must make sure you are remaining safe and following the law. All across our country, there are laws and regulations that govern how exactly utility technicians and service workers may utilize LED lights for the purpose of courtesy lights to notify those commuting around you that you are on official business and that, if possible, you should be given preferential usage of the road.

It is important to note, most laws state that utility workers are given just that, preferential treatment but they are not allowed to break laws while driving. Meaning that while driving to your important call, you must still follow all laws and rules of the road. There are even rules that state that utility and service technicians are limited to certain colors and beam patterns for their lights. To better understand what you can and cannot do, contact your local law enforcement for the specifics of the laws and regulations in your area.

Contact LED Equipped today to get your questions answered about your purchase or the features you might be looking for. We will be happy to help you with determining what service vehicle LED lighting would be best for you or to help you with your order.

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