Dual Color Chameleon Traffic Advisor Lights

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If you operate an emergency vehicle, you need a lighting system that commands attention when duty calls. For those looking for a discrete yet powerful lighting product that can be added to the grill or the rear deck of a vehicle, the Dual Color Chameleon Traffic Advisor is the perfect solution.

Why Choose The Chameleon LED Traffic Advisor?

This lighting product has it all. Using high-intensity Gen 4 3W Linear Technology, it produces powerful lighting patterns that can even be seen in broad daylight. Its micro-compressor circuit helps facilitate low power consumption, allowing for your dual color traffic advisor to last even longer than other lighting products in the industry.

Best of all, our dual color LED traffic advisor comes in 15 different flash patterns and can be hardwired into your current switch box for complete integration. This slim product can even be synced with other units to create a more substantial emergency lighting feature for your vehicle.

Why LED Equipped for Your Emergency Vehicle Solutions

At LED Equipped, we strive to deliver the most reliable products to our clients on a daily basis. Combining modern technology and premium materials, we create each one of our emergency vehicle products with the highest quality possible.

Check out our dual color LED traffic advisor lights or check out our dual color changing light bars for a similar product.