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Siren speakers allow police and emergency teams to warn pedestrians and motorists, move traffic, and respond to calls quickly. And even though emergency vehicles are equipped with warning lights, none of them is complete without a top-notch siren speaker.

LED Equipped offers high quality 100, 150, and 200-watt siren speakers. Combine them with the right police lights or emergency siren setup and you create an impressive first responder system.

Notable Quality and Loudness

Our products are noted for their quality and loudness. With heavy-duty brackets and holes, the speakers can be used for virtually any application that requires wide-angle sound dispersion with plenty of volume.

High-Strength, Low-Weight Materials

The models are constructed from high-strength but low-weight materials. They’re also complete with mounting options and wire harnesses for easy installation.

The designs are efficient and space saving, without sacrificing siren output power.

Universal Designs

Using the most innovative speaker styles, each type is designed to perform at its absolute maximum. Their designs are universal, with the ability to function on every siren on the market; this gives you free range when it comes to choosing a siren unit.

Count on LED Equipped for effective audible warning at a price that won’t eat up your budget.

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